Sarah Jones is a graduate of the University of Tennessee (Go Big Orange) and a former English teacher and business writer. She began her study of creative writing at regional summer workshops sponsored by the University of Georgia and the University of South Florida where she met authors Terry Kay (To Dance with the White Dog) and Rachel Simons (Riding the Bus with my Sister) who mentored her with her memoir Quicksand.

Sarah Lovett (Blowback) coached her in writing her second book Summer Squall, a story she began in a Reinhardt University workshop led by poet William Wright (Self-Portrait as Late Autumn Frost).

Sarah lives north of Atlanta in a mountain lake community with her husband, Des, and her two cats, Emma and Riley. A Pilates instructor, she enjoys staying active with tennis and golf which helps her justify the calories she consumes from hosting dinner parties with good friends, good food, and good wine.